Elizabeth Gerdeman

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Elizabeth Gerdeman considers the conflicting ways we conceive of the natural world. Working with an array of materials and images, she creates mixed-media collages, room-scale paintings, interior decor inspired installations and experimental videos taking visual cues from contemporary tourism and home improvement advertisements using images of nature as design element and branding tool. Her recent art projects deal with the human relationship to landscape – the tangible physical space occupied as well as the intangible concepts, narratives, and experiences of place – and the cultural confines through which these images are constructed.

Prior to her undergraduate and graduate studies, she served as a member of Americorps. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Columbus College of Art and Design in 2004, where she majored in Fine Arts and minored in both Art History and Art Therapy. In 2006, she was awarded a University Fellowship from The Ohio State University, and in 2008 she received a MFA in Art, and an additional Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization with concentrations in Contemporary Art History and Social Geography.

Born in the United States and currently residing in Germany, over the last few years Gerdeman maintains her artistic practice exhibiting between the U.S. and Europe. She is a Visiting Artist Lecturer at the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig. Her additional teaching experience includes Visiting Assistant Professor of Painting at Ohio University, Lecturer at The Ohio State University and Adjunct Faculty the Columbus College of Art and Design.

Art and Research Interests
She is currently available to supervise MFA students focusing on the aesthetic form of nature or landscape and its substantive content, as well as those concerned about the interface between built and natural environments, both historically and during the current age of the anthropocene.

perceptions and explorations of place / placelessness / translocational identity / nature & culture / anthropocene / landscape as a medium of social, economical, and political ideologies / rise and fall of value ascribed to specific places / site-specific interventions / experience of an area through its representation / landscape as subject and object / painting / drawing / images / abstraction / collage / objects / installations / videos / urban planning / landscape design / advertising and home improvement / geography / topography / cartography / eco tourism / virtual and visual realities