Gabriel Deerman

  • gdeerman 'Algonquin in Blue' copy
  • gdeerman 'Cells'
  • gdeerman 'Portrait of a Man'
  • gdeerman 'Receding Emerging Patterns' copy


Throughout history artists have defined and directed notions of self and relationships to place through the making of images that utilize the power of aesthetic experience. In my art I continue
in this tradition subjectively interpreting, investigating and exploring the tense and increasingly adversarial relationships between the human and non-human world, and the historical contexts and paradoxes defining this fragile pivotal moment in history – the anthropocene.

I bear witness to a collective pause in which we as a species reflect on the consequences of our own ingenuity (namely climate change), attempting to balance our great potential with our short term ambitions and aspirations.

Through installation I generate relational edits; cutting from figurative studies to reproductions
of iconic historically charged works, to geometric abstractions, enveloping landscapes etc. By means of these juxtapositions a poetry of associations, questions, and tensions offers a seductive trail of breadcrumbs inviting the viewer into a landscape of cognitive dissonance where ecology, history and the complex contradictions of contemporary living collide, become entangled, shuffled and presented anew.

My practice expresses contemporary life in a globalized context and is necessarily composed of simultaneously fractured and often conflicting and contradictory elements.

Art and Research Interests

Contemporary visual responses to relationships between figure and landscape in the anthropocene

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