Gabrielle Senza

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Bio & Artist Statement

Gabrielle Senza is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work addresses social, political, and environmental themes through visual and performing art practices including creative activism and socially engaged art projects. She has exhibited widely and her work is included in the collections of the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Modern Art – New York, and other public, corporate and private collections.,,, sinparedes.blog



Art & Research Interests

My research involves a deep investigation into perception, identity and visibility; researching the space between seeing and not seeing, knowing and not knowing, memory and imagination; and looking at how we perceive ourselves vs. how others perceive us. How do we relate to the unseen, and how do we rely on the invisible?


invisibility, social justice, perception, socially engaged art, imperceptable self, invisible, unseen, ephemeral, temporal, time-based, ethereal, social praxis