Heiko Pfreundt

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Heiko Pfreundt is a conceptual artist whose work is focussed on the field of space narratives and performative institutions.

He studied in the field of art teaching and visual communication and is a graduate from the University of Arts Bremen.

He worked at different project spaces, artist residency programmes and institutions in Berlin.

Since 2011 he and other artists have been running a performative institutional script called Kreuzberg Pavillon which became the host for weekly shows on every saturday night with over 130 shows and 800 artists and is known as one of the most vivid ideas of contemporary project spaces in Berlin.

Kreuzberg Pavillon received one of the Project Space Awards of the Cultural Senate of Berlin in 2013.

Beside his artistic practice he is working as a lecturer for experimental art practice at the cultural science institute of University Bremen since 2013 with a focus on diversity in urban culture and creating an art history of the viewer.

In 2014 and 2015 he has been one one of the key agents of Berlin’s art scene invited as portfolio reviewer for nordic artists and designers at the Northern Embassies in Berlin.