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Judith Mazzucco is an interdisciplinary artist working in mixed media, film, photography and words. Her praxis evolved from the investigation of her life in close proximity to animals, interspecies relationships, and the marginalizing effect of domestication on animals and the consequential affect upon creativity. She has presented her processes internationally, exhibiting in the United States, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Ireland, Vancouver, Tehran and Berlin.

Exhibitions, Installations & Conferences

  • • 2005 Alumni Show, Monmouth University, NJ
    • 2007 Monmouth Festival of the Arts, NJ
    • 2008 NJ Equine Artist Assoc., Lebanon, NJ
    • 2011 Untervegs, Thesis Exhibition, Transart Institute, Berlin
    • 2012 Animals in Society Interdisciplinary Conference, Missouri University
    • 2012 Minding Animals, Utrecht University, Netherlands
    • 2012 ISAZ (International Society of Anthrozoology), Cambridge Univ., UK
    • 2012 FIVE by FIVE Exhibition, Tampa Museum of Art, FL
    • 2013 Sandy: Artists Respond to a Once and Future Superstorm, Gallery Bergen, NJ
    • 2013 Postdata: Esperanza Recuerda, Universidad de Granada, España
    • 2014 Me, Myself & I, Runnels Gallery, East New Mexico University, NM
    • 2014 Hopewell Valley Stampede, Process: Oxymoron
    • 2015 Transience, Watchung Arts Center, Watchung, NJ
    • 2015 Landscape and Memory, Johnston Library Gallery, Cavan, Ireland
    • 2015 Landscape and Memory, Black Lion, Ireland
    • 2015 Horse, Chazou Gallery, Kamloops, BC, Canada
    • 2015 Landscape and Memory, The Art House, Tehran, Iran
    • 2016 Obstruction, Watchung Arts Center, Watchung, NJ

Artist Statement

My praxis has evolved from the investigation of my life in close proximity to animals and the interspecies relationships that develop. My processes focus in the area of overlap, examining the social, physical and the psychological interactions; a duality of the human/animal relationship that has virtually disappeared over the past two and a half centuries since the inception of the Industrial Revolution.
The Aisle of the Barn is the center of my shared universe. It is my Aleph; it is also my studio. Working on the aisle, close to my sources of inspiration is elating and liberating. The aisle is the confluence of domestication, interspecies relationships and creativity.
The processes emanate from the phenomenon of domestication. The feedbag, from where the feed is dispensed, being the lowest common denominator of domestication, suffices as the basis of all my processes. Using the feedbags, shredded, pulped, woven with baling twine and wire, imbued with hay, hair, pieces of hoof, and dirt, these processes become the embodiment of the relationships occurring on the aisle.

My praxis investigates interspecies relationships and the marginalizing effect of domestication on animals and thus, the consequential affect upon creativity, examining the routine, the ungorgeous, the metaphysical elements and mapping the confluence of these themes. My research has taken me further into the expanse, where the treatment of animals and women coincide.
Interspecies relationships, domestication, creativity, horses, animals, women