Kayoko Nakajima

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As a dancer of 30 years, I have been fascinated with changes I feel or sense when I dance.  The space around me becomes activated: sometimes like ether, or thick dense clay. My dance also relates to earthly elements such as water or shadows. Over the past 15 years, I investigated improvisation and contact improvisation dance, focused in the moment to moment.  The work was born from inside out. Listening deeply to my partners and to the space around me became my work. In this practice we discover dynamic and gravity-defying arrangement of bodies (embodying physics), in total synch with others (telepathic communication through body contact).  I have begun working with video to capture lasting and unique points of view to counter the ephemeral nature of dance. I am looking for ways to break out of the two dimensional nature of the moving images by using different surfaces, elements, and structures.

My work is in transition, expanding into different artforrms to incorporate the actual space/environment in the works. In today’s high speed culture, I feel strongly drawn in a contrary direction.  My vision is to make work that affects its viewers by pausing time, quieting the mind to rediscover the forgotten wonder, innocence, and awe in the world around us, to emerge with shifted perspective. I use everyday things around me as subject/material but bring fresh perception to them. The everyday invisible becomes visible, what is ignored becomes significant. I want to create pieces that envelop or cocoon the viewer to experience space itself in a direct, shared, and personal context and in an open inviting manner.


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