Kerstin Godschalk

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Kerstin Godschalk, cultural scientist and manager, currently working as in house curator at Kunstfabrik HB55 art complex. Her main focus is modern and contemporary international art and her curatorial praxis is based upon an art-sociologist approach. 
The art sociologist approach enables her practice to go beyond the traditional division and hierarchies between the various art disciplines. She is working multimedia-based and creates an exhibition context, where the borders between genre and media are dissolving in favor of a dialogue between the artworks, the artists and the spectator.  Always striving for the reintegration of art into society the exhibitions in L‘espace de l‘espèce are following current social issues and are questioning the role and cultural understanding of art within society. Together with the management team she is developing Kunstfabrik HB55 as one of Berlin‘s outstanding locations for art.