Lisa Osborn

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Lisa Osborn’s ceramic work is generally life sized and figurative. It is constructed of elements built using a variety of techniques. Wheel thrown, hand built with slabs or coils, and press molds of life casts are the primary methods used to manipulate clay. Steel and concrete are also used. The surfaces are generally matte, opaque, and often made of many layers of engobe, terra sigelata, and RTV glaze, arriving at an ancient surface. The clay is a low fire, raku body, modified to withstand the demands of the artist. Osborn lives and works on Avery Island, Louisiana.


Practice Statement

I am dedicated to the medium of clay and bound to the subject of the figure. It is always the growing physical presence of a piece and my partnership with the clay that informs my aesthetic choices. I want the content of a piece, the interior world the figure inhabits, to be seen in the exterior body and I look for an abstraction or emotional anatomy to occur. I am often surprised by unintended layers of meaning the figure can hold though I think I have plumed conceptual depths and worked out my intentions on paper. I am interested in rigor, dedication, and thoroughness in practice. I am concerned with how to translate this into writing/communication, and into finished work.


Statues, ceramics, affect, embodiment, Object Oriented Ontology, figure, rigor, encounter