Marion Claire Wasserman

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Educated in Philosophy and Eastern Religion, Wasserman explores themes of consciousness,  transformation, and archetypes in her video work. Influenced by her years as a painter, she layers images and timelines into visual stories. Incorporating video into sculptural installation has led Wasserman to create stories contained in a new context or new realm. Integrating her practice of yoga and her creative practice as one process – one line, she has returned to school for her MFA at Transart Institue. Expanding her mediums from video sculpture to installation she includes steel, ceramic, gold leaf lava rocks, textiles and video/ sound  to create a ritual space in Ritual Hive, 2014- installed now at the Lincoln Center, Ft. Collins, Co. until the end of the year.

Art and Research Interests

“My first year project / research revolved around Prana (chi/life force in Sanskrit) as it appears in the basic elements (earth, air, fire, water). I explored the artists James Turrell and Olafur Elìasson and their use of the elements directly in their work. I’ve expanded on this exploration this year, with Prana | Alchemy and Now. I began to understand by looking at each of the elements that you can never isolate one element from another – they are in constant transformation and exchange. This flux represents an alchemical or alchemy of continuum. I have expanded my mediums this last year from primarily video and video sculpture to include, ceramics, textiles, and installation, sculpture, and sound. Integrating all these new mediums with video has enabled my to feel the Prana of making, the visceral making as oppose to a digital making.” — Marion Wasserman


At the summer residency, Marion will be teaching Juicy Prana Vinyasa Yoga classes – an all levels flow class to release, ground, revitalize and inspire. Come breathe, heal and connect with your own vastness. #OneLove

I started yoga 30 years – certified by Atmananda Yoga NYC, 2009. My practice has been inspired by many great yogis- my teachers have included Rima Miller, Shiva Rae, Dana Flynn. I am so excited to share this practice with artists. The practice of yoga and the practice of art are both practices of authenticity and connection. Both are important as practices – not as a means to an end but as a means to live fully. It is an honor to share this tool that has given me so much.

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