Markus Wernli


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Markus Wernli is a PhD researcher at the School of Design and Dept. of Civil Engineering at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. A native of Switzerland, he worked as Research Designer at the Australian National University in Canberra where he began to explore the aesthetic and connectivity potential of bringing human nutrients back to the soil. Markuz holds a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA) in Multimedia from Transart Institute and has been working on convivial exchange projects over the last decade in Japan, Korea and Vietnam. In Hong Kong Markus is researching the intrinsic human role in natural material and energy cycles applied to the urban context.

Art & Research Interests
Markus’ PhD research focuses on the socio-cultural aspects of implementing citizen-driven Terra Preta Sanitation into the local context of Hong Kong. Terra Preta is a recently rediscovered model of closing material cycles between kitchens, toilets and the soil. This practical initiative is understood as a learning platform to evaluate the viability of ecological alternatives that tackle resource management of biomass at the source. The School of Design and the Department of Civil Engineering of Hong Kong Polytechnic University are planning a pilot project during 2016 with individual families in locally adapted, fermentation-based micro-sanitation based on education, logistical support, microbiological verification and networked collaboration.

Keywords: performativity, agency, environment, (human) ecology