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Niko Solorio is a multi-media artist and experimental musician from Los Angeles who often performs under the moniker of POCKET NIKO and + TAX. His musical stylings have been described as “Neo-Medieval-Minimalist-Electro-Pop” as well as “Global-Electro-SuperCorn-with 90’s Fetish”. In addition to his solo work he recently formed the band ETIQUETTE FOR GENTLEMEN with Hamburg, Germany based graphic designer/musician Michi Schmid (A.K.A. General Hell). They released their debut album last fall via Banndcamp.

Born in Los Angeles in 1979, Solorio earned a BFA from the California Institute of
the Arts (2007). Following his graduation from CalArts, Solorio attended the
Kunsthochschule Kassel in Germany as a guest student of video artist Bjorn
Melhus. Niko Solorio has performed and exhibited his work both in the U.S. and abroad including shows at the Grand Hotel Londres, (Istanbul); Transvizualia, (Gdynia); Kunstverein Hannover, (Hannover); Redcat, (Los Angeles); X-Initiative, (New York); Fanfulla 101, (Rome); Mudam Luxembourg, (Luxembourg); Cercle Blanc, (Berlin); PS1, (New York), and How To Become A Cult Leader, (London).

I am a poet and provocateur.

Art & Research Interests:
Creative Trouble

Keywords: Diva


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