Sonia Barrett

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SONIA E. BARRETT translates antique 18th /19th century European furnishings typified by the inclusion of lion’s feet. Primarily sculptural, installation and video works ensue. The works meditate upon the division between the animal, the person and the object. The relationship between the laboring table or chair and the seated user is considered.

Of German Jamaican Parentage brought up in England, China and Cyprus Sonia Elizabeth Barrett has an international range of cultural influences. A graduate of St Andrews University where she studied Philosophy, Literature and International Relations and the Transart Institute (MFA) she has an unusual grounding in the concepts to which she offers her unique visual response.

Selected Exhibitions and Residencies include Santorini Biennale 2012, Greece, Coiled Potentials Trampoline presents: A Transart Institute MFA Exhibition, Atelierhof  Berlin 2012, Caribbean Art project and 4Hr Nap Collective WOMA 2012, “Home & Away” Grenada.

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