Stephanie Reid


  • Phoenix wing for Soup
  • Walls Come Tumbling Down web
  • Suiseki-and-Koi-Diptych-384x384


Stephanie Reid is an interdisciplinary artist whose focus on fine art and photography lead into film making, video, animation / effects, and sound as mediums for more complex storytelling. Her first year MFA project, Creatures in the Sun, was a series of short video experiments with the themes fire and flight inspired by her primary totem creature, the phoenix. These were compiled to tell a loose autobiographical narrative about healing and transformation. Her second year project, Acts of Disappearing as Methods for Reappearing, is a place based video and sound installation about her home of over 20 years, Austin, Texas, its landscapes, lesser known histories, and cultures. By collaborating with dancers, musicians, and non-humans in her community, she tells stories of regaining a voice and empowerment through conscious inclusive interaction.,,

Art Interest

Reid’s primary research interests are learning about symbolism through synchronicities, dream journaling, astral projection, Jungian psychology, the uncanny, nature, ecology, dance, and ethnomusicology. Her musical talent primarily lies in keys and DJ’ing. She hikes and gardens and documents what she encounters so that further research can take place indoors. Traveling is another method she uses for stretching her limits and honing her adaptability.


Stephanie Reid, collaboration, healing, home, non-human interactions, community