Steven A. Evans


I guess you could say I’m a visual artist, but moreso a writer. At heart, I am a storyteller … a story telling performance artist maybe? Or, a performance artist that uses a variety of media to … tell stories. Based in Oshawa, Ontario, when I am not engaged in teaching art and design, or busy with family life, you can find me toiling away in my office and studio trying to make sense of my proposed thesis project that bears the working title: “Creative Caprice: States of Consciousness; Intrinsic Interest; Emotion and Practice-based Phenomenological Inquiry.”

Research Interest
The aim of my research is to relate intrinsic interest with what I have termed “Creative Caprice.” Specifically, I mean to analyze how strong emotion can capriciously influence and determine which intrinsic interests compel me to create what otherwise might be considered intuitive works of art. I posit that this can be achieved through the development and articulation of methods, which encourage corporeal engagement through planned and impromptu physical activities that involve walking, climbing and exploring familiar and unfamiliar environments. I assert that my creative practice can be used as the basis for such a phenomenological inquiry. With the underlying intent to invigorate my art making and realize new forms of artistic expression and experimentation.