Sylvia Adamcik

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Artist Statement

“I work across multiple disciplines, such as science, economics, philosophy and geography, exploring data to create artistic outputs in new media and interactive elements. My research focus is on object-oriented ontology (OOO), hyperobjects and the Anthropocene. My work gives human and non-human entities equal claim to ontological space.

The immersive environment of the web installation ‘Are we fucked?’ includes video, photo, and written work, compressing time and space into singularities to accommodate the human sensory experience. This project was born out of my contemplation of spatial and temporal possibilities and is rooted in personal, reflective sensory experiences that have shaped my views on the natural world. Hyperobjects – whether they are natural systems, storms, or algorithms – execute within a much larger temporality, beyond the scale of human perception. My work attempts to eliminate the space between the world and the subjects that perceive it.”


Sylvia Adamcik (b. 1981) is a new media artist who works with web and interactive elements. Recent work includes site-specific installation, field recording, media object re-appropriation and immersive exhibition environments. Sylvia recently completed her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Practice through the Transart Institute, Plymouth University. She also holds graduate degrees in public policy and forest conservation and an undergraduate degree in history. She is currently based in Toronto, Canada. Her work is shown in private collections and online spaces worldwide.