Ulrike Mohr


ULRIKE MOHR is a Berlin-based artist whose work is concerned primarily with the meaning and characteristics of public space. Her work involves critical observations of processes, measurements and systems, and includes interventions in relation to spontaneous nature and processes of transformation such as charcoal making. The art of Ulrike Mohr is characterized by an attention to detail: not just the subtle textures of everyday things, but also an attempt to uncover relationships between aesthetics and science, and between past and present. Mohr´s work was recently shown at Kunstverein Heidelberg, “With your Hands Black”, Heidelberg, Germany (2013), Katherine E. Nash Gallery,”Landscape of the Mind”, Minneapolis, USA (2012), The 6th Momentum Biennial, “Imagine Being Here Now”, Norway (2011) and the 5th Berlin Biennial for Contemporary Art, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, “When things cast no shadow”, Berlin (2008).