Veronica Fazzio

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Veronica Fazzio has been exhibiting her work since 1988 in Argentina, Italy, Norway and USA. She graduated in Fine Arts at Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes of Buenos Aires and in Photography and Audiovisual Techniques in Avellaneda. Fazzio received her MFA in Visual Arts at AI Miami International University of Art & Design. A contemporary, multimedia, interdisciplinary Artist, her object of inquiry is the role of metamorphosis in language-behavior-practice, how they affect to each other, and are enacted in her performances/actions/object making practice. Currently she is pursuing her PhD of Philosophy in Creative Practice at Transart Institute & Plymouth University, UK. She has taught visual arts from Graduate Programs at Universities to toddlers.

Artist Statement
A contemporary, multimedia, interdisciplinary artist, Veronica Fazzio’s primary interest is to facilitate social sculpture’ situations by exploring memory and emotions from different groups of transgenerational subjects. In her work the viewer participates in a controlled vs uncontrolled playful situation to create a space in which all participants experience or contribute to the creation of the art work. On her social sculptures Fazzio becomes the material for the participants, she surrender her self to them in a lost of control and vulnerable role. In her exploration, issues about authorship are questioned as well.

Social Engaged Art, Participatory Art, Social Sculpture, Post Human