Zeerak Ahmed


Mixed media/installation/sound/performance artist from Karachi, Pakistan.

My primary concern is the materialization of the unseen trance-like state we find ourselves floating in. By collecting repeated patterns found in the ‘space between’ known realms, the previously elusive form emerges as something more tangible. I express my existential concerns by using sound, text, and video, to collect and examine the nausea we experience as we move across physical time and space.

At present I seek to examine the spatial pattern between what is known and what is forgotten. We feel uneasiness in knowing that we have forgotten something, and exhaust ourselves trying to access the thing that we might not even understand, let alone recognize.


the space between, forgetting/reminding, nausea, trance, ground, levitation, consciousness/subconsciousness, patterns, formations, divination

Links to other media:
work exhibited with TBP: www.thetbp.tumblr.com
sound practice: www.soundcloud.com/slowpsin
co-founder of indie project: www.delser.co