PhD Application Process

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A vital creative practice.
A master’s degree in a related field, with an MFA strongly preferred.
IELTs 6.5 for students for whom English is a second language.
Deadline: May 1 for summer residency start.

Complete the online PhD application form.
1. Project proposal: The purpose of the MPhil proposal is to frame an open question in which the artistic practice functions as the vehicle for finding answers rather than asking a question for which the artwork will illustrate a pre-defined answer. Neither does the artwork run parallel to the research nor does the research inform or contextualize the studio work as in traditional programs. Your artwork and the ideas that surround it are the research. The proposal outline is here. A sample proposal is here.
2. Weblink to recent, relevant creative work.
3. Artist statement:  What are themes and interests which guide your practice? How you would like it to develop? How do you see it in relation to contemporary culture? (300-600 words)
4. Curriculum vitae (PDF)
5. Academic transcripts or diplomas (PDF, max. 2MB)
6. A copy of your master thesis/project (PDF, max. 2MB)
7. Outline of your funding. There are no FAFSA loans, only Sallie Mae private student loans.
8. Identify two referees, individuals worked with within a professional or educational context and ask them to send a reference for you to

These will then be shared with Plymouth University.

Initial interview
Upon completion of the application, a skype or phone meeting will be scheduled with two Transart faculty and one from Plymouth University. This is an opportunity to discuss your proposal and ask questions. The proposal will then be reviewed by a commentator who may make proposal revision suggestions.

Successful applicants will be invited to attend the next Transart residency in order to present their proposal, meet potential advisors in person or over Skype, other doctoral students, and at summer residencies participate in seminars and workshops. This is a chance to get to know Transart, the community and decide if Transart is right for you. If it is mutually agreed that it is a good fit a final interview is scheduled with the proposed supervisory team from Transart and Plymouth University who will then issue either an offer letter or a summer residency certificate, subject to official acceptance by the supervisory team. Once you have accepted the offer letter and completed enrollment you will be registered on the program.