PhD process blogs

Please provide a web link to a process blog for the Transart student directory here. You may optionally password protect with the password: trans14.

You will be asked to document and describe your work regularly in order to introduce, disseminate, explicate and show creative process/practice.

The Process blog is a useful communication tool for the entire Transart community—it keeps us all informed year-round of one another’s projects, thought and work processes, successes/failures; and it fosters regular writing/articulation of ideas and a creative platform. As well as individual supervisory teams process blogs are reviewed by other supervisors, faculty and students—fostering more in-depth, insightful and rigorous critiques.
Directors of Study report that regular posts become a very useful means by which to maintain up to date knowledge of a candidate’s progress and thought processes, and also form a long-term diary of each project’s evolution. In addition they can act in all sorts of unexpected ways:

“I wrote a blog for my PhD and it helped me get invited to conferences, talks and exhibitions, as well as to communicate with my supervisors.” Laura Gonzalez Transart Faculty and DoS

We recommend you speak with your advisors about further strategies in creating the blogs and what would be beneficial to include. It’s a good idea to update it regularly and especially before a meeting with your supervisors.
The process blog is envisioned to facilitate disciplined and useful perspectives on your own creative research.

PhD process blog example