Academic Support

Transart Institute
Admissions and Administration: Gwen Charles, MFA email
Accounting: Adam Masuda, BA email
MFA Student Support: Dianne Smith, MFA email
PhD Student Support: Andrew Cooks, PhD mail
Digital Support: Eto Otitigbe, MFA email
News: Uchenna Itam, MA, email
Advisements: Jean Marie Casbarian, MFA
Academic Coordinator: Andrew Cooks, PhD mail
Academic Coordinator: Geoff Cox, PhD
Academic Advisor: Cella, MFA

Faculty Board
Jean Marie Casbarian, MFA
Cella, MFA, Andrew Cooks, PhD
Geoff Cox, PhD
Nicolas Estevez, MFA
Laura Gonzalez, PhD

Plymouth University
Andy Blount, Senior Programs Administrator email
Amanda Russell, Senior Information Specialist email
John Popplestone, Finance & Sustainability email
Sarah Bennett, Academic Liaison to Transart Institute

MFA Handbook
PHD Handbook

Disability support

Transart will facilitate course and assignment support directly.
Additionally here is the PU disability guide.

Issue Procedures
First contact Student Support. Next step is a Transart Collegium hearing, through your student rep, stating your issue, goal and desired outcome. If you are dissatisfied with the Collegium’s decision, here is the  PU Complaint Procedure Board form. PU will not re-investigate your complaint but rather evaluate whether (or not) Transart has properly followed its stated procedures and come to a reasonable conclusion.