MPhil Proposal (RDC1)

Project Approval:
MPhil Proposal (RDC1)
(form, prospectus, and plan + evidence of creative practice)

1. Form (below)

2. Prospectus (approx. 2000 words, not including bibliography/list of sources), aligning with and expanding on abstract including:
– Project Aims (approx. 3-4 aims, bullet points ok, no word limit)
– Research Questions (define a series of questions, issues or problems, not rhetorical, bullet points ok, approx. 120-200 words, no)
– Background to Research (exhibit knowledge of key texts, use short quotes and footnotes, 900-1200 words)
– Research Methods and Strategies (discuss exactly what you will do, methodologies you’ll use, form your research will take, collaborations) 600-900 words)
- List of Sources/Bibliography (including reference to key texts, documents, performances, websites, videos, etc.)
– Statement of Ethical Research: State: “I do not intend to research with human participants and therefore do not need to complete an application for ethical approval.” or:
– “An application for ethical approval will be submitted to the Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC) following the successful outcome of my RDC1 Project Approval process” or give existing date of application. Read the University’s “Ethical Principles for Using Human Participants” and wait for approval.

3. Plan
Schedule or timetable of key milestones and activities up to the expected date of submission (e.g. list, table, Gantt chart, flowchart, etc.).

4. Evidence of creative practice
Please document your creative practice during the summer and first semester. Contextualize the work within your PhD project. Include a detailed description with dates, titles, size, duration, etc. You may combine a number of files and/or links to vimeo/soundcloud in a zip-file or PDF and upload to the RDC1 form.

5. Process
Within 3 weeks, your Director of Study (DoS), in consultation with the supervisory team will either a) provide feedback to the student or comments and a deadline for resubmission; or b) forward proposal to an ‘Expert Commentator’. Expert Commentator will provide a 1-2 page written report on the content and caliber of the proposal, assess feasibility of achievement within time constraints, and make constructive suggestions regarding topic focus or methodology.

6. Submit forms to Transart and to Plymouth
After submitting the electronic version of the form to Transart here below, please email the paper-version (here) to the Graduate Center at PU. RDC-1 guidelines can be found here.