Creative PhD Program



Why a Creative PhD?

Doctoral work is an opportunity to gain another level of expertise, to dive deeper into the questions that drive your artistic practice, to locate this practice in one or more appropriate contexts (relevant theories, ideas, agenda, historical and contemporary art practices). Depending on the specificities of the project, trans-disciplinary contributions to knowledge are also a real (and growing) possibility. It’s a very exciting time for artists.

What else will a PhD do for me?

A Creative PhD will put you at the top of the stack in competitive academic situations and helps you stand out in a pool of grant applicants.

What kind of work can I do in a Creative PhD?

Anything creative that contributes to knowledge through art. Transart is particularly keen on proposals that in the widest sense explore space and inhabitation of space, the archive, documentary art making, language/image, diaspora and post-colonialism, software studies, network culture, performance, land and sea, and the role of art in peace, mediation and international relations.


Who will I be studying with?

Throughout your studies you participate fully in the Transart residency and can choose from a range of workshops and seminars with changing topics each summer. On the PhD project your first advisor (director of studies) will come from Transart, your second advisor from Plymouth University, a third can be added if needed. You will be part of an intimate group of artists who meet on a regular basis for critique and exchange.

Where do I start?

Discuss your project proposal with us. The purpose of the MPhil proposal is to frame an open question in which the artistic practice functions as the vehicle for finding answers rather than asking a question for which the artwork will illustrate a pre-defined answer. The artwork does not run parallel to the research nor does the research contextualize the creative work as in traditional programs. Your creative work and the ideas that surround it are the research.

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