Summer Presentations & Critiques


60 second Praxis Presentation
Very brief intro to you and your work that takes place on the first day of the summer residency.

30 min Presentation
Everyone will have a 30 minute slot to present and receive feedback on their work during the summer residency. Presentations usually run in the afternoons after workshops. Everyone is expected to attend all presentations.

The structure follows the form: 15 minutes presentation followed by 15 minute feedback.

Generally, the 15 minutes presentation is divided between showing previous work and presenting the project plan for the year ahead. During feedback the group will offer critique, ideas and advice for your project, as well as suggestions for texts, films and other resources. You can choose to close your presentation by asking specific questions of the group to focus their feedback and reference suggestions, or by simply opening the floor.

Unless the primary scope of your project embodies video/moving image, please limit your video time to no more than 5 minutes during your presentation.

See advice for critiques here:

Please have a look at your fellow students’ blogs in the student directory if you are not familiar with everyone’s work. This is especially helpful for time-based work where there will only be time to view two or three minutes of work during presentations. It’s also a good idea to put  a link at the top of your blog with the work you want previewed.


Offsite Crit Group Meeting

Towards the end of the residency you will meet with your offsite critique group. This is the group that you will do written critiques (Fall semester) and Skype critiques (Spring semester) with throughout the year. You will be assigned a group by administration. Your pre-offsite crit group meetings are free form. Let your crit leaders know how you would like to do yours. If there are particular questions or issues you want addressed in your work, be sure to let your group know.