“The Artist as Curator – Breaking the rules” with Merete Røstad


The workshop addresses the diverse methods and methodologies applied by various artists as curators and focuses on the practical implications on the field of visual arts in general.
The curator emerged into the history of art, bringing different sets methods and methodologies along the way. What it is to curate has shifted towards further participation in the production of meaning. As artistic practice continues to expand through trans- and inter-disciplinary applications of the curatorial, where does the curating begin and the artwork end. In thinking about situations or contexts where we find the artist as curator, it is important to remember that the curatorial practice evolves through artistic practice.



merete røstad webMerete’s current work has developed out of a rigorous drawing practice in both her academic and professional life in Norway, England and Germany. As a result, she now uses industrial materials to sculpt metaphors within urban contexts. She will continue to explore the potential of spatial and temporal constructs as a catalyst for engaging with history, identity and memory. Røstad has earned a Master Fine Arts at the Bauhaus Universität Weimar, Germany in Public Arts and New Artistic Strategies and a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA), Liverpool, UK.

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