Lynn Book, “Voice and Its Objects” (Workshop) & Performance
Michael Bowdidge: “Coming Up For Air” (Workshop)
Jennifer Hope Davy + Julia Holzl: “Ways of Ending” (Seminar)
Jean-Ulrick Desert: Critique discussion (Discussion group)
Yuen Fong Ling: “Delete/copy/paste” (Workshop)
Alanna Lockward: “Afropean Film” (Seminar)
Kate Martin: “Displacement” (Discussion group)
Astrid Menze: “Collective Stop Motion” (Workshop)
Julia Moritz: “Trans-what?” (Symposium)
Dafna Naphtali: “Sound with the Iphone” (Workshop & Performance)
Merete Rostad “Conversation Pieces: Public, Art and the City” (Workshop)
Gretchen Sigrid-Blegen, “Assessing Environments and Building Installations” (Supermarkt DIY Masterclass)
Stephan Takkides: ”Edge of Berlin” (Workshop, Tour & Screenings)
Hans Tammen: (Performance)
Noam Toran: “Object as Protagonist” (Workshop)
Ming Turner: “Trans-ideology: Nostalgia” (Short film festival)
Virgil Wong: “Brains + Bodies: Future and Past” (Workshop)
Ensemble Xenon: “Perfect Hotel” (Concert)

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