Transart MFA Exhibit Linz

Trans-ideology: Nostalgia Short Film Festival

Screening Dates: August 5-9, 2013

Venue: Supermarkt, Berlin, Germany

Trans-ideology: Nostalgia will show new video works from international artists covering a wide range of ideas surrounding the concept of nostalgia. Fabio DaSilva and Jim Faught suggest in their article ‘Nostalgia: A Sphere and Process of Contemporary Ideology’ (1982) that nostalgia isolates and mythicises selected objects from the past so that we feel we are enjoying a more tranquil and conflictless past. This nostalgic past is somehow not completely the reality, rather, it is ambiguous and is purified. DaSilva and Faught indicate that the past is usually perceived as more tranquil than the present. The nostalgic past ignores real material conditions and tensions, and embraces an emotional utopia.

Nostalgia offers a comfort zone where we find a peaceful and conflictless past, and where we escape from the hectic and demanding real life in capitalist society. As nostalgia reduces our critical engagement with the past, history is not entirely real but is selected and mythical. Therefore, nostalgia is based on either dreamy and subjective views of the past, or fantasy about the future. The screening aims to show selected lens-based work which is created with the ideology of recalling the internal and utopian world of individuals – either a nostalgic past or a fantasised future.

Screening Schedule

FILM LIST (Title, Year, Artist, Duration)
What I Ended Up With, 2011, Noura Al-Salem,3 min 28 sec
Templehof, 2012, Damon Ayers, 12 min 13 sec
Aemilia, 2011, Basmati, 6 min 30 sec
The Beautiful Strange Land, 2013, Sarah Bliss, 11 min 15 sec
The Blue Distance, 2012, Shannon Brunette, 10 min 12 sec
Texas, 2011, Jeff T. Byrd, 7 min 40 sec
The Allure of Objects, 2012, Rosie Carr, 12 min 6 sec
Floating Cities, 2011, Shu-Jung Chao, 8 min 14 sec
Goodbye Little Factory, 2012, I-Chun Chen, 10 min 0 sec
The Visitor, 2012/13, George DeChev, 8 min 30 sec
Mondo Ghillies, 2010, Sarah-Mace Dennis, 5 min 47 sec
Time Will Tell, 2009, Surbhi Dewan, 14 min 0 sec
Negotiations, 2012, Anna Binta Diallo, 6 min 3 sec
Carta a l’exilie, Alina d’Aliva Duchrow, 2 min 38 sec
Moments, 2013, Sharelly Emanuelson, 5 min 47 sec
A repeated walk from Senefelderplats to Kino Babylon via Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, 2011-13, Paul Goodfellow, 15 min
Keep Frozen Part Zero, 2012, Hulda Ros Gudnadottir, 46 sec
Tales of a Digital Immigrant, 2013, Dennis Hlynsky, 18 min 7 sec
The Secret Road, 2012, Natalia Jordanova, 3 min 16 sec
Nostalgia/Liquid Life, 2011, Eleni Kolliopoulou, 2 min 13 sec
The Adventures of Sissi and Sissi, 2012, Katze und Krieg, 21 min 0 sec
Swing, 2013, Tzu-Chuan Lin, 9 min 41 sec
To Have and To Have Not, 2011, Kevin Logan, 3 min 50 sec
Always Elsewhere, 2012, Tara Mahapartra, 13 min 0 sec
Apollo Risen, Julia Morgan-Leamon, 7 min 2 sec
Fue, es, sera, 2013, Jeca Rodríguez Colón, 7 min 38 sec
Gowanus Haze, 2012, Margaret Rorison, 6 min 0 sec
Disturbdance, 2012, Guli Silbersteain, 3 min 25 sec
Ice Cream, 2010, Sydney Southam, 3 min 47 sec
The Invisible Wallpaper, 2012, Christopher Steadman, 7 min 0 sec
Nostalgia for Art- Art is Dead, 2013, Darko Taleski, 1 min o sec
One of Us, 2013, Toni Thomas & Fergus Firth, 17 min 16 sec
Mnemosyne, 2009,  Klaus Thymann, 2 min 13 sec
Ellipsis, 2012, Marion Wasserman, 2 min 57 sec

Damon Ayers
is an interdisciplinary artist working in digital media and built environments. His current work revolves around the hegemony of instrumental reason
and its impact on human populations and the natural world. He has exhibited work domestically and Internationally and is involved in collaborative projects such as the international Transart Collective and the Portland based Civilian Studios. He received his MFA from Transart Institute and lives and works in Portland, OR. Website

Sarah Bliss approaches her work as a laboratory where she investigates the bounds of emotional and spiritual conditions; and the relationship between place, the body, memory, and energetic presence. She works in video, photography, performance, sound, installation and sculpture.   Bliss received her Masters of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School.  Her work has been recognized by a 2013 Massachusetts Cultural Council Fellowship in Sculpture/Installation; and she is the recipient of full fellowship awards from the Cill Rialaig Project in Ballinskelligs, Ireland, and the Vermont Studio Center.  Recent solo shows were at the Sarah Doyle Gallery at Brown University, Rhode Island, and Interstitial Theatre in Seattle.  In addition, she’s shown recently at ArtJail in New York; Espaço Cultural ESPM in Porte Alegre, Brazil; the WORK Gallery in Detroit; and Aggregrate Space in Oakland, CA.  This summer, she is completing a training in sound and ethnography at Binaural Nodar in the Gralheira mountain range of Portugal. Website

Shannon Brunette has lived and worked in Brooklyn, New York since 1998. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in 2006 at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Currently, she is exploring a body of work relating to cultural exchange opportunities, from Alaska video artist-in-residence focusing on climate change to a 5-week international fellowship in exchange with traditional craftspeople of Orissa, India. Recently, a Jerome Foundation fellow-in-residence at The Anderson Center in 2012, this focused creative period allowed for the creation of a new film entitled, The Blue of Distance. Beyond her art and filmmaking, Brunette is a leader in the fields of arts non-profit and philanthropy with a focus on cultural work at the intersection between art, creativity and justice. Website

Jeff T Byrd is a sound and video artist living in New Orleans, USA. He started out with boom-boxes and handheld tape-recorders. By the age of 15, he had filled hundreds of audio cassettes with recorded sounds… a fragmented, but encyclopedic aural autobiography. In 2008, he co-founded “1908”, a Portland, Oregon based avant-garde music collective. In 2010 he turned to video, a medium well-suited to his idiosyncratic process of re-examining, re-ordering, and collage. His experimental documentaries often use audio recordings made during filming as the concrete materials for his atmospheric soundtracks. Website

Rosie Carr is an artist living and working in London. Her B.A in Painting was received from Camberwell College of Art in 2010. Subsequent to that she attended the ‘A lecture from Behind the screen’ Summer School in 2012. Her film work has been screened at events in London such as Demolition – A snapshot of contemporary artists’ moving image, Swordtail Studios, London (2013) and COSMOS – all that is/all that ever will be, New Gallery, London (2012). She is currently working on a 16mm film project in collaboration with theatre company Kings of England, entitled: A monument to Charlie Chaplin, which will be screened at Hull Truck Theatre, Hull, UK, in November 2013. Website

Shu-Jung Chao is a contemporary art artist. Her works focus on the ideas behind fundamental human experiences such as memory, time travel, culture/language and aspects of consciousness, as well as in the public sphere “globalization” issues. Shu-Jung grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. After her long residences in France, she evolved a lifetime ambition to the video, new media, multimedia and contemporary art. In 2009, Shu-Jung graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges with a Master in Fine Arts. In 2011-12, she participated the Post-graduate programme from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratif de Paris. Beside several participations with international art festivals, her work was selected for the « ARTE Video Night 2011 ». Broadcast on ARTE (french and german TV channel), Cinematheque of Toulouse (Cinémathèque de Toulous) and Art center in Paris (la Gaîté Lyrique ). In 2011, she was selected for the Taiwan’s Emerging Artist by Ministry of Culture (« Made in Taiwan-Young Artiste Discovery »). In the same year, her work is collected by National Taiwan Museum of Fines Art in Taiwan. Website

I-Chun Chen was born in 1980, currently lives and works in Taipei.2010 Study at Tainan National University of the Arts, Doctor Program in Art Creation and
Theory.2007~2010 Graduate School of Arts and Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts,Taiwan 2000~2005 B.F.A., Department of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts, Taiwan. Residency in 435international art village,Banciao City,Taiwan,and Asian Cultural Council,Tokyo,Kansai,Japan.Works was collected by National Taiwan Museum of Art, New Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall, private collections, etc. Website

George deChev Sofia born, Amsterdam based, deChev collaborates with a selected group of artists from various disciplines and backgrounds. His work is a mix of still
and moving images, 2D/3D animation, and sound. Website

Surbhi Dewan is anindependent documentary film professional. Her work attempts toconnect personal portraits with larger socio-political landscapes. The predominant theme that runs through all her films is how displacementshapes identity. Her recent work includes \\\’Born To Run\\\’, a 45-minute documentary film made for TV about the Indian athlete Milkha Singh; and \\\’Tales >From A Walled City\\\’, a short documentary about mixed ethnicity youth living in post-War Croatia. Some of her upcoming films include a short documentary about a Maoist student leader in Nepal, and a feature length documentary about personal narratives from the Partition of India.  Surbhi graduated with an MFA in Film from Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, and received her BA degree in Political Science at Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi, India. She is currently based in New Delhi, India. Website

Anna Binta Diallo was born in Dakar, Senegal, and grew up in Saint-Boniface, the Francophone community in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After completing (with Honors) a
double major in painting/design for her BFA at the University of Manitoba’s School of Fine Arts, she obtained the Graduate Certificate “Digital Technologies in Art and Design Practices” at Concordia University. (J.A. de Sève Entrance Fellowship) She is presently an MFA candidate in Creative Practice, specializing in video, at the Transart Institute. (Transart Institute Achievement Scholarship). Her work has been exhibited at La Maison des Artistes Francophones and featured in numerous group exhibits and publications. She has recently been accepted to the Banff Artist in Residency Program (Fall 2013) and has an upcoming group exhibit in Brandon, Manitoba. She is currently based in Montreal. In addition to her artistic practice, she is a freelance graphic designer, a singer/music composer and life enthusiast. She is currently based in Montreal. Website

Sharelly Emanuelson (1986, Curacao) graduated with a B.A. in Audiovisual Media from the School of the Arts, Utrecht and is currently undertaking a Master in Artistic Research at Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. Her film and video works, such as “After the Berlin wall: Vienna” (2009), “Moments” (2013), have been shown at film festivals in the Netherlands and abroad. She won an audience award at the Africa in the Picture film festival (2012). In addition to working on the production of films such as “E leyenda di buchi fil” (2008) and producing projects such as “Yu di korsou” performance and film festival, Sharelly curates exhibitions for “Uniarte”, a platform with a focus on Dutch Caribbean art that she founded in 2010. Website

Fergus Firth is a young aspiring filmmaker and photographer.  His work has garnered two film awards from the Northwest Film Center and several of his photographs were recently acquired by the Oregon Historical Society. Website

Hulda Ros Gudnadottir received a M.A. in Interacive Design from Middlesex University (2001) and B.A. in Fine Arts from the Iceland Academy of the Arts and (2007) B.A. in cultural anthropology from the University of Iceland (1997). Her last solo-exhibiton was at DE-CONSTRUKT projects, NYC in June 2013 and before that at Reykjavik Art Museum and PROGRAM, Berlin.  She has exhibited and screened all over including The American-Scandinavian Foundation, Manhattan; Berliner Liste art fair, Berlin; Thessaloniki International Film Festival, Greece; Gothenburg International Film Festival, Sweden;  Minneapolis/St.Paul International Film Festival; Expresion en Corto International Film Festival, Mexico; Nordic Film Days, Lubeck Germany; etc. etc. Gudnadottir has lectured at Icelandic Film and TV Academy, FAMU, Icelandic Academy of the Arts. Among many awards are the Icelandic Academy Award for best documentary. Grants include Stiftung Kunstfonds in Germany and the Icelandic State Artist Salary Stipendium. Website

Dennis Hlynsky is interested in the effects of advancing technology on the sense we make of the chaos in our lives. He embraces any tool (new or old) used to
augment the plasticity of recorded observation. Born 1952 – Professor Dennis Hlynsky is an American Artist and Chair of the Film/Animation/Video Department at the Rhode Island School of Design.  Website

Natalia Jordanova, born and based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Recently graduated  with BA in Photography from National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia.  Her work were awarded and exhibited mostly in Bulgaria, including First prize and scholarship in the contest of  Karelia Tabacco Company \\\”The Magic of Color\\\”, Bulgaria, 2010; Took part in the exhibition, part of the LGBT fest, with the series\\\’ Sappho – poetics of images \\\”. Red House, Sofia, Bulgaria, 2010; Prize of \\\’Photosynthesis\\\’ in the photography competition of FOTOAKADEMIKA; Sofia, Bulgaria, 2010; Best photography prize in the exhibition of Forum Honoris Causa, National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts, Bulgaria 2011; Photography exhibition in collaboration with Mihail Novakov, named Based On a True Story , part of Sofia Design Week 2012.

Eleni Kolliopoulou was born in Athens (Greece) at 27/03/1980. She studies at the University Kapodistriaka of Athens in the Department of Methodology, History and Theory of Science from 1998 and graduates at 2003 (Bachelor Degree of 4 years). She transfers to Turin on September 2007 and she frequents the “Atelier di Teatro Fisico di Philip Radice” for one year. Besides she takes lessons of contemporary dance, dance theater and butoh dance (Serena Zanconato, Claudio Conti, Doriana Crema, Lucia Citerio, M.Macco) and participates at public performances. Since 2008 she frequents the Academy of Fine Arts of Turin (Direction Painting). Now she frequents the first year of her Master Degree and experiments with painting, videoart and Performance. She was in Germany (Hochscuele Burg Gibiechestein Halle an der Saale ) as an Erasmus student for the academic year 2011/2012. Currently she is accomplishing her last year of Specialisation in the Accademy of Fine Arts of Turin (2012/2013). Website

Katze und Krieg is the Performance Duo – Katharina Lima and Julia Dick. They met during their studies at the university of art in Brunswick in Germany  and  work together since 2007. After finishing their studies with their masterdegrees in 2011 they moved to Cologne to work as freelance artists.  Their performances were invited to lots of international festivals like the Stromereinfestival in Zurich, Switzerland (2011), the Jacuzzi Festival in Vienna, Austria (2011) or the Streetcatfestival in Bat Yam, Israel (2011). katze und krieg were invited for artist residences at the casa do rio, Amazonas, Brasil (2011), at Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn, Neatherlands (2012) and at the castle of Laudon in Vienna, Austria (2012). Their movies and documentations were shown at Galpon Espacio Cultural in Lima, Peru (2011), at Kunstverein Hildesheim (2011), at Manzaras perspectives gallery in Istanbul, Turkey (2012), at Kunsthalle Platoon Berlin, Germany (2013) and in frame of the MUU-Performancevoyage in lots of other countries all over the world. Website

Tzu-Chuan Lin born in Taipei, 1989, and graduated from department of Digital Media Design at National Yunlin University of Science and Technology. Now is
currently a graduate student of New Media Art at National Taiwan University of Arts. Lin focuses mainly on the creation of video art. Also creates art works with visual programming and kinetic machines. In addition, he participates interdisciplinary art performance works, including music, dance and drama. His latest work focuses on the connection between video and multiple screens by using the skill of time delay and the arrangement of multiple frames. This inspiration is from the artist’s travelling experiences and then capturing the landscape from train windows along the journey. His work has been selected by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts and exhibited. Website

Kevin Logan‘s cross-disciplinary practice spans over two decades, comprising installation, digital media and sound composition/design. He has exhibited and performed internationally, has had sound works on compilation CDs and audio-visual works screened in festivals worldwide. He is currently a PhD student with the research organisation CRiSAP (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice) at University of the Arts London, where his research explores the sonic through gesture and performance. Website

Tara Mahapatra was born in 1970 in Berlin, studied Anthropology in Paris at the Université Paris VIII and Film Theory at the Freie Universität (FU) in Berlin. In 1994 she studied Fine Arts at the University of Arts in (UdK) in Berlin, completing her studies in 2001 as Meisterschülerin of Prof. Katharina Sieverding (Master of Fine Arts). Website

Jeca Rodríguez Colón, originally from Puerto Rico, began her training with Petra Bravo and Viveca Vázquez. She moved to New York City where she
completed her B.A. at Hunter College with a double major in Dance and Latin American and Caribbean Studies. She became influenced by Barbara Mahler’s pedagogical approach of the body. Jeca is the recipient of Hunter College’s 2005 Choreography Departmental Award. Jeca is pursuing her MFA in Creative Practices at Transart Institute and she is currently a member of the EMERGENYC 2013 cohort at the Hemispheric Institute.  Jeca recently began to explore performance arts, video and public interventions, where she explores different aspects of performance arts and artivism (art/activism). She also explores different aspects of the maternal kinesthetic language in space and the politics that surrounds it.  Her latest work includes a street performance “Mother’s Milk is Free” and an installation performance “I ____________ Creatures”.

Margaret Rorison‘s work has been screened at various venues and sites including Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, NY; Eyebeam, New York, NY; The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia; Silent Barn, Brooklyn, NY; Mono No Aware IV Festival of Expanded Cinema, Brooklyn, NY; The High Zero Festival, Baltimore, MD, Sonic Circuits, Silver Spring, MD; and The Contemporary Museum, Baltimore, MD.  She holds an MFA in Photographic & Electronic Media from The Maryland Institute College of Art and is the co-founder and curator for a new experimental film series, in Baltimore called Sight Unseen. She is also a member of The Red Room Collective, which curates experimental and improvised concerts in Baltimore and has been a member of The Maryland Film Festival Screening Committee since 2011.  Rorison is currently working on a new experimental film which she shot in Berlin, Germany during the spring of 2013. Website

Guli Silberstein is an Israeli-born (1969) video art maker, video editor and a lecturer, living and working in London. He received a BA in Film & TV from Tel-Aviv University in 1997, and a MA in Media Studies, with a focus on video art production and theory, from The New School for Social Research, NYC, USA in 2000. His work, extensively shown worldwide, often deals with political issues, violent conflicts and cognitive processes, involving media critique, found footage appropriation and digital processing. Website

Sydney Southam is a multi-disciplinary artist working in video, sound, painting, drawing and photography. Her practice involves working extensively with the
archive, and addresses themes like memory, death, loss and childhood. The artist has often used the suicide of her father as a catalyst for exploring these themes. She has exhibited her films and artwork in Canada, Spain, Ireland, Finland, Germany and the UK. A recent graduate from Central Saint Martins with First Class Honours, she currently lives and works in Vancouver. Website

Christopher Steadman was born in England. He lives and works in Berlin, London and NYC. His work is widely exhibited throughout Europe, the USA and Russia. He works in a range of genres including video, sound, photography, text and installation. In 2013 his work has been exhibited at Moscow’s Museum of Modern Art and various other museums throughout the Russian Federation. During 2012 his work was shown widely including St. Petersburg Digital Art Forum, Krasnoyarsk
Symposium of Media Culture (supported by Mikhail Prokhorov Foundtion), the National Centre for Contemporary Art in Kirov (funded by Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation), the Vyatka Museum in Vasnetsov and the Moscow Museum of Modern Art for which he received the Juror’s Award. Steadman has received numerous awards and grants, including a British Academy Arts and Humanities Research Bursary and funding from the Austrian Federal Chancellery, as well as many
fellowships from international residencies. He received a Master’s in Photography from NYU/ICP (International Center of Photography) and a Master in Fine Arts from Central St. Martin’s. Recently Steadman’s subject matter is focused on the centrality of memory and the articulation of memory as a mutating system functioning within a set of larger cultural and environmental systems. The exploration of subjects’ claims for solitude and social belonging are themes structurally concerned with time, space and duration. It is the context of these elements that the psyche of the solitary individual makes sense of their own and others’ existence. Steadman has focused
on the concept of “home“ within our culture and more specifically the repetitive activities performed in the home, as a place embodying comfort and safety. His recent series of filming subjects in their own home allows the surroundings to speak louder than words. Website

Darko Taleski was born in Prilep, Macedonia. In 2005 he graduated Fine Arts in Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria. He completed MFA in Media and Advertisement in 2007. Darko works as an art teacher. He has had participated in group exhibitions in Bulgaria, Macedonia, UK, Bosnia and Herzegovina and more. He is one of the founders of Art Society of Prilep. Darko works mostly in the medium of painting and drawing, but in the last three years he is interesting in stop motion animation and video art.
Recently he took part on Macedonian Youth Biennale with stop motion 1 minute movie.  He worked on stop motion project called 1 WEEK Life, and 37 days of drawings project called ART BOOK. At the moment he works on a project called ART IS DEAD. Website

Toni Thomas is a poet and sculptor.  Her poems have appeared in over fifty literary magazines in the United States and in  six other countries.  She has published three volumes of verse and been nominated for two Pushcarts. Website

Klaus Thymann Having established himself in Denmark as a creative force, Thymann began working with various international clients and publications and in 2000 he moved to London. Currently he is a contributor to publications such as i-D, New York Times, Wired and V. Thymann has photographed global advertising campaigns for Nike, Levi’s and Nokia amongst others. He has directed short films, music promos and exhibited moving image pieces. He has exhibited his work in numerous solo exhibitions and group shows at places like Institute of Contemporary Art, London; Museum Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, Italy; Torrance Art Museum, USA and Paul Smith’s Space Gallery, Tokyo. Thymann’s artwork and projects have been supported by Danish Arts Council, Arts Council England and the Contemporary Art Society. Website