“Writing – as: PhD workshop on art and writing” with Geoff Cox and Katy Macleod


Artistic practice as research tends to rely on forms of academic writing that rarely do it justice and repeat academic forms of writing in a non-artistic manner. This may or may not be a good thing but clearly there are alternatives to be explored. The workshop explores written (and spoken) communication forms that attempt to go beyond simplistic and received distinctions of art and writing (or the separation of practice and theory). For the workshop we are initially joined by PhD students from Plymouth University, Falmouth University and University of West of England for day 1, experimenting with ways of presenting “texts”. For the following 2 days, Katy Macleod will run the workshop for Ti students only.




geoffcox_isightGeoff Cox is Associate Professor in the Dept. of Aesthetics and Communication, and Participatory IT Research Centre, Aarhus University (DK), and Adjunct faculty Transart Institute (DE/US). He is also an occasional artist/curator, as part of the self-institution Museum of Ordure. He is an editor for the DATA Browser book series (published by Autonomedia), and co-edited Economising Culture (2004), Engineering Culture (2005), Creating Insecurity (2009) and Disrupting Business (2013). He co-runs a yearly workshop/conference in collaboration with transmediale and is co-editor of the associated open access online journal APRJA. With Alex McLean, he wrote Speaking Code: coding as aesthetic and political expression (MIT Press 2013), and amongst other things is currently working on a book project about live coding.


kaytmacleodKaty Macleod has a longstanding commitment to researching into and developing PhD research cultures in Fine Art. She has undertaken research into student and supervisor experience of PhDs in Fine Art (1996-2001), and individual exemplars of PhD submissions in the UK (AHRC funded, 2002-2003). Key publications emphasise the critically robust relation of the practices of art to conventions of the PhD. Recent research with Neil Chapman, (2009-2012), investigates the pursuit of research subject and pertaining issues such as authorial voice and changing perspectives. Her current post, as Reader in Fine Art at Kingston University, UK, involves collaboration in the development of the PhD research culture and its publications. Current publications include We Are Publication, a joint research project presented at the ICA, London and on Resonance FM.