MFA Creative Practice for Preferred Admissions + 20% tuition scholarship: January 23, 2015
Final MFA/PhD Creative Practice: April 15, 2015
Summer Certificate: April 15, 2015

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MFA Comparison

MFA Creative Practice
Year 1: May 15: $9,760 + Dec. 15: $9,760
Year 2: May 15: $9,760 + Dec. 15: $9,760

PhD Creative Practice (2013)
Year 1: May 15: $5000* + Oct. 15: $8650 + Dec. 15: $13,650
Year 2: May 15: $13,650 + Dec. 15: $13,650
Year 3: May 15: $13,650 + Dec. 15: $13,650
Year 4: May 15: $3,250 + Dec. 15: $3,250 (optional independent study year)

Summer Residency Certificate May 15: $5000

Independent Study By individual arrangement based on proposal, inquiries can be sent here.

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Application FAQs

MFA Admissions process  Further program info with links to the online application form, admissions criteria, deferment, academic credits and program FAQs.

Advanced Standing MFA process  One semester of advanced standing can be granted for graduate level work from accredited institutions and two for those with previous creative MFA or PhD degrees.

PhD Admissions process  Further program info with application requirements, links to the online application form, admissions criteria, the application process and program FAQs.

Excelerated MFA to PhD process  Exceptionally focussed and accomplished artists can apply for transfer through the PhD application from the low-residency MFA program to creative PhD studies within the first year of the MFA with an approved proposal.

Interviews  One or two video conference (Skype) interviews are held with all MFA and Certificate Program finalists for by one or two members of the faculty board. With PhD interviews, as second meeting is organized to include potential supervisors suggested by the board based on your proposal. This meeting will include our Plymouth University Liaison as she will be proposing a second supervisor. A third meeting with the potential supervisors and yourself will be arranged by supervisors prior to the residency to discuss your proposal in more depth for additional input to advance your proposal, time permitting. Alumni, students and faculty are available for consultation prior to commitment to the program.

Deferment  Accepted applicants must reapply.

Disability  Transart Institute will undertake every reasonable effort to accommodate students with special needs or disabilities, be they physical or sensory impairments, mental health and learning difficulties, or health conditions on and offsite. All special requirements will be negotiated after individual consultations and prior to the first residency. It is important to mention these issue in your admissions application form.

* Applicants come to an initial residency before committing to the full program. A Summer Certificate is awarded if not returning.