Christopher Danowski


I’m a media and performance artist based in Phoenix (in the upper part of the Sonoran desert). I’ve presented theater and performance works locally, in Minneapolis, Seattle, New York, in Berlin, Laval, Paris, Vienna, and in Mérida, Yucatán. For years I’ve been looking for art forms that mix earth religion ritual with post modern and post structural elements. I used to be a practicing post-structuralist (haha whatever that means) and am initiated in Lukumí and Palo. I teach experimental performance, read tarot cards and caracol, and sometimes work as a live model. Currently I’m working on my doctorate at Transart/Plymouth, and my thesis is called, ‘Thresholds: Desire and Sorcery in New Media Performance’.

Research Interest
I’m creating full-length theatre/performance pieces and studying how performers experience performance when they are working under trance (and spells). I’m working with spells from the Orishas (Lukumi spirits), light forms of trance through relating spirit ancestor possession to actorly character work, and playing with desire in psychoanalytical terms (using Lacan). Through this I’m creating an aesthetic that is very local to this part of the world, and experimenting with trance to come up with a system of performance that might be useful to practitioners, and interesting to scholars and academics.